One of the challenges of explosion protection is balancing the ability to detect an explosion early enough to successfully suppress it while not causing unnecessary down time and cost due to false actuations triggered by non-explosion related elevated pressure variance. SmartDS from IEP Technologies solves this problem by providing intelligent pressure detection that samples the pressure in the protected vessel hundreds of times a second looking for the signature pressure time curve of an explosion to help ensure that the system only actuates during a deflagration condition.

Dynamic Detection – Unlike standard static pressure detectors typically used in explosion suppression and isolation systems that are easily triggered by non-explosion related pressure spikes. SmartDS monitors for a sharp increase in pressure over a short amount of time thus reducing the risk of nuisance actuations. Satisfying this pressure/time curve is near impossible for a process to recreate due to operating abnormalities, thereby reducing false actuations and keeping the process running. SmartDS can also detect explosions earlier in negative pressure processes since the pressure does not have to go positive to meet the static set point. In explosion protection every millisecond counts. The SmartDS detection settings are tailored to each applications exact process and combustible material characteristics and can be fine-tuned by IEP Technologies design engineers to disregard typical non-explosion process upset conditions.

History Buffer – In the event of a system discharge, a pressure/time curve is provided to show the exact pressure conditions inside the vessel from ignition through full suppression. This gives the end-user valuable data to investigate the cause of the actuation including a time stamp, ignition characteristics and what pressure was achieved in the process during the event.

SmartDS is the intelligent choice for manufacturers interested in protecting their people and process from combustible dust explosions without sacrificing downtime and cost to false actuations. Call IEP Technologies today to see how we can help you. Together We Save Lives!

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