IEP Technologies’ Combustion Research Center

For over 50 years, IEP Technologies’ Combustion Research Center (CRC) has been at the forefront of testing explosibility characteristics of combustible dusts. The CRC’s explosion characteristic testing is an essential part of IEP Technologies’ comprehensive explosion protection offering, and can be a crucial step towards protecting your workers and your industrial processes against costly explosions. The CRC offers a complete range of ignition and combustion testing following internationally-recognized test standards, conducted by research experts in a timely manner and for a reasonable cost. The average testing turnaround is less than 10 days and can also be expedited depending on the testing needed.

Central to any process safety analysis is accurate data that represents the ignition and combustion properties of materials handled in the facility. Data on ignition sensitivity, minimum explosible concentrations, minimum oxygen concentrations where inerting is being considered, and explosivity characteristics such as Kst and Pmax values are critical to developing the mitigation steps needed to prevent a catastrophic event within a plant. This data can be developed through testing at the Combustion Research Center.

Many dusts, liquids and gases pose a fire and explosion risk for a number of industries. Understanding your company’s hazards is the first step in protecting your workers and your facility. Begin the process of preventing and mitigating these risks by getting your material tested with IEP Technologies’ Combustion Research Center today.

The CRC offers complete explosion testing solutions for the prevention and mitigation of explosion hazards. Contact our team to learn more. Together We Save Lives!

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